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SARV Deep Dive: Insights & Instructions

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Created for:

Next level prospects and clients who wants insights on a deep experiential level, need in-depth consulting advice on how to view their current position and market changes.

Communication & concept Research & development on all possible topics. 

Results expected:

  • State of the art reporting in max. 25 concise slides.

  • High-level conclusions & recommendations.

  • Options for monitoring follow-up, in-company implementation.

What makes it different from the other SARV programs?

It provides real strategic guidelines to enhance and further your branche or business in the youngster industry.


  1. Kick-off SARV Dive - free of charge

  2. In-depth Strategic - Co-creative research

Group Therapy

What’s in a name?

SARV Dive – Get expertise


You will get free of charge:

  • 1 SARV Dive with youngsters in multi-client.

  • A first touch and feel of how youngsters relate to your field.


Then we will proceed with our Super-Qualitative research, engaging youngsters and going in-depth with them on your behalf.

What is the fee?

Raninging between € 10.000 - € 25.000 all inclusive


Doritos Chips, Trimbos on drugs decline, Friesland Campina, e.o.



  • The extra's re-SARV Dive +.

  • Having quality time away with your collegues on your topic.

  • Enjoying delicious fruitshakes, walking diner/supper.

  • 2 hours SARV Dive participation free of charge.