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SARV Digging that Gold: Solutional Impact

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Created for:

Key decision makers and game-changers, who desire to change the game they're at fundamentally.


They lean into clear-sighted, sage approaches and ways of working.

Results expected:

Here your topic will be in the spotlight of our tranformative, co-creative, solutional way of working.

A fundamental change of scene will be yours.

What makes it different from the other SARV programs?

Your topic and field will become transformed in the lab and hands of the youngsters capabilities.


Through interactive engagements with new sources in the current underground and above the line main players, you will witness the change in form and shape, serving your aims and targets.

Authority and transcendent movement will be guaranteed.

Team Meeting

What’s in a name?

SARV Digging that Gold – Arrive at your next level


We will work out a specified design for your field and situation, with serious criteria to be defined on the impact and outcomes of your targets.

In cooperation with other specialty agents and agencies.

What is the fee?

Raninging between € 35.000 - € 75.000 - € 150.000 all inclusive


Mentos Global Research 20 countries, Rabobank, OCW/VWS, Russian, Dutch, Cypriotic gov. e.o.



  • Kick-off 20 min. Skype conversation with your target group - free of charge.

  • 2 hours SARV Dive to warm up the project - free of charge.

  • Plus the extra's re- SARV Deep Dive.