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SARV Dive: first impression

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Created for:

‘1-day fly’ clients who just look for that exhilarating youngsters experience, engagement and interaction around their branche, brand, issue, challenge, product-idea or societal & social impact.

Results expected:

  • You get a 5 slides insights pres. within 3 days.

  • With general + topic-specific pointers.

  • Feeling uplifted by the contagious youngsters energy.

What makes it different from the other SARV programs?

It’s just a nip of the dip, which you share with other prospects, while it provides the chance to recognize your business needs with the youngsters generation.

People During Workshop

What’s in a name?

SARV Dive – Get exhilarated

Every 4 months SARV The Youngsters Agency is arranging a dip Dive of 2 hours with youngsters.


You can participate: view how they relate to your question, business, profile, product.

When: February - May - October

What is the fee?

€ 6.400


Youngsters on ‘money’; ‘drinks’, ‘friendships’, ‘brands’, ‘social awareness’, ‘environment’



  • hosted @SARV in charactertistic agency,  

  • away from TL light - across Dudok architecture ‘Town Hall’

  • meeting other interesting co-collegues

  • enjoying delicious fruitshakes, coffees and chocolades